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What Luke Humphries 'loves' about Luke Littler as darts star plays down rivalry

Luke Humphries has admitted that he ‘loves’ the respect Luke Littler has for him and has attempted to play down their fierce rivalry. The Darts duo have shared the biggest stages in the sport this year, with Littler defeating Cool Hand in the Premier League final.

In a rematch of the tense World Darts Championship final from earlier this year, Littler beat Humphries 11-7 to avenge his defeat at Alexandra Palace in January. With Littler aged 17 and Humphries only 29, darts fans have been dreaming of a generational rivalry that could last for decades.

It was put to Humphries that his battles with Littler over the coming years could be akin to some of the biggest boxing fights in history. But the Leeds-born star has played down any mutual disliking between himself and Littler.

“You are talking about boxers that want to punch each other’s heads off! We are darts players. There is a complete difference,” Humphries insisted.

“What’s the point of animosity in this game? If you walk into a room and you have animosity with someone, it’s not a nice place to be around – and we are around each other all the time.

“I don’t want to have that animosity towards him. I am sure he will tell you he doesn’t have that animosity around me. We just get along.

“There are many sportsmen that don’t get along – they are enemies, they think each other is better than the other. I don’t think we think we are better than the other. We both know how good we are.

“We have the utmost respect. I love that about him a lot. If he didn’t have that respect for me, I would feel a little bit hurt. I have achieved a lot more than he has. He has that respect for me, which I like.

“I was better than him at the World Championship final, he was better than me in the Premier League final. That’s the way it is – bring on the next one.”

Littler hit a stunning nine-darter in the 11th leg on his way to winning in his debut Premier League campaign. After the match, he took the Sky Sports microphone and told the crowd: “To all the doubters, hello! I’ve just picked up this! You’re not doubting me any more.”


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