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What it's like to deal with 'relentless' health anxiety: 'I think I'm going to die'


Alanah Sarginson, 20, experiences health anxiety. "Everyone's going about their lives and I'm in my room Googling symptoms, panicking, checking my temperature."

Alanah Sarginson says it started off as a slight ache in her arm, which caused her to panic. Then, she felt a pain in her chest that made her think she was struggling to breathe. Within five minutes, Sarginson texted her friends. 

Her worries had taken over. “I’m in ‘I might die tomorrow’ mode,” she recalled.

The 20-year-old full-time student and part-time illustrator struggles with health anxiety. And though sometimes she comes to the realization that “this is probably mostly in my head,” it doesn’t matter.

“If I think I’m going to die, I don’t really care how embarrassing I am because obviously it’s like the most ultimate threat,” she explained. “So I’m going to take it seriously even if it’s just my mind playing tricks on me.”


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