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'What is wrong with you?' GMB's Susanna Reid snubbed by Prince Philip over 'failure'


Good Morning Britain presenter Susanna Reid was just one of many remembering Prince Philip and she recalled the moment the Duke swiftly moved on from chatting to her at an awards ceremony. The host explained she was at a presentation for the Duke of Edinburgh award and left Philip baffled when she revealed she had failed to complete it herself.

“I met him once and I did bow,” Susanna recalled. “I did a little bob.

“And he was just incredibly direct. That was the thing, he notoriously did not like small talk and yet he had to do how many solo engagements, 22,000, 5,000 speeches, he was involved with 800 charities.

“He just did so much and obviously had to do small talk with millions of people.

“He said to me, it was at a Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award ceremony, and he said to me in the line-up, ‘Well did you do one of these?’

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“I said, ‘Well I did but I failed to finish?’

“He said, ‘What on earth is wrong with you?’ and then moved on to the next person.

“In that moment, because the whole point of the Duke of Edinburgh is that you really try and put everything in to it, what on earth was wrong with me that I couldn’t finish?”

Later on, co-host Kate Garraway joked: “‘What on earth is wrong with you Susanna?’ I’m going to use that.”

Another tweeted: “I am surprised Susannah and Kate aren’t in more muted colours, not necessarily black, but the bright purple confuses me.

“Only because of the 8 days of national mourning and the male newscasters have to wear black ties. Just surprised to see bright purple #gmb.”

A third shared: “Why are @kategarraway and @susannareid100 not wearing black on @GMB?

“All the other presenters and journalist’s are due to us being a nation in mourning but they aren’t #gmb #PrincePhillip.”


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