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What does gaslighting mean?


Many experts, MPs and others have been quick to criticise the report and claim it is a form of gaslighting.

David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham, spoke of his deep upset and tiredness of being gaslighted in the report.

Mr Lammy said: “For my own mental well-being I am not doing media interviews on the race commission today.

“Like so many in Britain’s Black community, I’m tired!

“Tired of the endless debate about whether structural racism exists with little desire to actually address it. We are being gaslighted.”

Palliative care doctor Rachel Clarke said: “95 percent of the doctors who died from Covid were from ethnic minorities. 95 percent. The Sewell Report is pure gaslighting.”

One social media user tweeted: “This last sentence at top of the Sewell Report is-without a doubt-the worst statement re slavery that I’ve ever seen signed off by people of colour in my entire life Should be taught to school children of all ethnicities as an example of the self-gaslighting that racism can create.”

Another person wrote: “I’m so depressed by Dr Sewell’s report, yet another probably successful go at gaslighting the nation. It validates the status quo and will increase divisions in society. We on the left need to fight against the worst form of Toryism ever in government.”

One person added: “The Sewell Report really is a monumental feat of condescension, gaslighting and paternalism towards ethnic minorities. Honestly, it could’ve been written by a Victorian.”

Another person tweeted: “OMG I feel sick. This is actually in that ‘no evidence of institutionalized racism’ report (pg 11, I checked). This is the very definition of Gaslighting. Saying racism doesn’t exist does not make it disappear.”

One person said: “Gaslighting in the UK on racism is on an industrial scale. It makes you feel delusional just for calling it out. This report is a whitewash that tries to diminish our experiences. We are not ‘idealists’ or ‘haunted’. We are victims of real & present institutional racism”.


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