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Weight loss: NHS doctor loses 5st in a year 'without cutting anything out'


“This new mindset has been particularly helpful in my relationship with my wife, and I’m now far more open to explaining how certain things have made me feel and how to remedy that. This has rubbed off on my whole family which is fascinating, and really positive,” he continued. 

He also said the lifestyle change has impacted his children as they now witness him finishing a meal and opting for wiser food choices. 

What’s Adham’s advice for anyone else looking to form healthy habits?

He said: “Remove that feeling of guilt – less guilt about not exercising, less guilt about having that bit of dessert. If you let guilt take over, it’s easy to reach the point of giving up your whole plan, so the best way is to learn to overcome it.” 

And what challenges does Adham face following the weight loss? 

“As the pubs and restaurants begin to open again, this will present new challenges for me, as we’ve been in lockdown the whole way through my Noom journey so far, and I don’t want to slip back into old habits when I eat out,” he revealed. 

“However, I feel fully geared up. I hope there will be lots of family gatherings and weddings very soon in the future.” 

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