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Weight loss: Dr Michael Mosley’s six things to change right now to see better results


Dr Michael Mosley loves nothing more than busting diet myths and challenging conventional health and nutrition advice with new research. The creator of Fast 800 was asked how misguided most peoples approach to eating and staying in shape is. During a conference in Sydney a couple of years ago, Dr Michael revealed six areas of a diet that could be changed instantly in order to see better results. 

You’re terrified of natural hunger signals 

Dr Michael, who created the 5:2 diet (based on two days per week of reduced calorie fasting) said intermittent fasting aids weight loss and improves blood pressure, cholesterol and insulin sensitivity. 

However, many don’t allow themselves to feel hungry and eat because they feel they should be eating. 

As soon as you feel a grumble in your tummy, you don’t have to immediately go eat a muffin, you can tolerate hunger,” Dr Michael advises. 

You eat low-fat dairy 

Despite full fat tasting better, many ignore this and opt for low fat or zero percent fat diary options.

“The evidence is quite strong that some dairy fats are neutral and possibly good for you,” Dr Michael said. 

As well as being more satiating, research shows eating full-fat dairy foods is linked to a reduced risk of type two diabetes, which Dr Michael says may be thanks to a particular fatty acid (margaric acid) in dairy fat.

You partial to bread and pasta 

There’s not many people who dislike bread or pasta but when shopping, it is important to choose products wisely. 

“Commercial breads are absolutely rammed with sugar and salt, and pasta has an incredibly high glycaemic index and is the equivalent of eating a tablespoon of sugar,” Dr Michael explained. 

If possible, many should opt for dense, dark rye bread. 

As for pasta? “If you pre-cook it, cool it, then reheat it, it becomes what’s called resistant starch, which reduces how much sugar your body absorbs,” he added. 

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You mainline the smoothies

One thing Dr Michael doesn’t recommend is smoothies. 

When you make a smoothie it mashes up a lot of the fibre, which is the critical thing to slow the absorption of sugars,” he said. 

“I think you’re better off eating whole vegetables and fruit.” 



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