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Weather maps turn dark red as UK tourists warned 40C heatwave about to crash into Spain

It’s around this time of year that thousands of Brits are jetting off to Spain and Portugal in search of some reliable early summer sun.

However, those travelling to the Iberian Peninsula next week best be prepared for sweltering conditions, hotter than they likely would have imagined.

As May edges towards June, temperatures are likely to edge towards 40C. However, some areas are going to be warmer than others – Express.co.uk breaks down where to seek out or avoid, depending on your tolerance of heat, next week.

Starting with Spain, Britain’s favourite holiday destination, the mercury will float between 18C next week in the far north of the country and a scorching 38C in southern areas.

On Wednesday, the particular hotspots will be Seville, which could see 37C, and Badajoz on the Portuguese border, which could see 36C.

On Friday, Seville will once again likely be the hottest part of the country, while the port city of Huelva, between Seville and Portugal, will also see temperatures close to 40C.

Malaga meanwhile will be in around the high 20s and low 30s.

Portugal can often be cooler than it’s big brother, but next week it’s due to see the hottest temperatures, according to WX Charts.

The Algarve, highly popular with Brits, is in for 37C on Wednesday, while on Thursday it could see 38C.

Lisbon and Porto are also set for temperatures in the mid-30s, as if Braga in the northern, usually cooler part of the country.

Unlike Spain, which will be cooler in Galicia and the Basque country, the entirety of Portugal is likely to be red hot.

Meanwhile in the UK, temperatures won’t be anywhere near as high and although it’ll be largely dry, there will be some rain around.


Early mist and fog clearing, leaving generally a dry and fine day. Cloudy with some sunnier interludes. The odd shower around with some longer spells of rain around North Sea coasts and later into the southwest. Warm in the sunshine.


Often cloudy overnight with outbreaks of showery rain. This heavy in places, particularly in the southwest and also northern England and southern parts of Scotland. Feeling mild under cloudier skies.


A cloudy start with spells of rain. Turning showery into the afternoon with some sunny spells in between any showers, though these heavy and thundery at times. Temperatures around average.

Outlook for Monday to Wednesday:

An unsettled start to the week with sunshine and showers for bank holiday Monday. Cloudy with longer spells of rain on Tuesday and further showers on Wednesday. Feeling cooler.


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