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Weather guru warns gardeners not to plant tenders until THIS date or risk 'losing them'


Temperatures in the UK have surged over the last few days, but according to weather and forecast guru Dave King, the weather is about to turn once again. Mr King appeared on ITV’s This Morning yesterday where he discussed what weather Britons can expect this summer. During the show, Mr King also issued a grave warning to gardeners over when they should plant their “tender plants”.

Co-host Philip Schofield wanted to know what conditions Britons could expect over the Easter period.

The weather expert said: “This morning, the sun is what I would call ‘pale and watery’ and there’s a lot more cloud.

“This heat is on its way out. It will get cooler and by Friday it will be quite cold.

“If you live in the north – north Norfolk, Lincolnshire, north of the Humber – I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you have a sprinkling of snow over Easter.

“Simply because there’s a lot of cold coming down from Scandinavia.

“I’ve been predicting this since last year.”

Mr King allegedly uses “ash trees”, “oak trees” and “the moon’s phases” to make his predictions.

“The saying goes, ‘ash before oak we’re in for a soak’ so that gives us a wet summer,” he explained.

However, Mr King said the last week of June until July 15 should be “hot, dry and sunny”.

The weather expert said the reason he predicts this is because the winter birds are still around.

He said: “Normally there’s a three-week lapse between the time they go and they arrive.”

Both Holly and Phil said they were “deflated” by the weather predictions.


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