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Weather forecast UK – Brits to enjoy ‘mini HEATWAVE’ this week with temperatures as high as 27C before thunderstorms


IT’S GOING TO be a warm weekend, however the weather could lead to heavy rain and thunderstorms in parts of the UK.

Most of Britain can expect to be bathed in sunshine in the coming week as temperatures climb to a possible high of 27C.

According to Met Office meteorologist Aidan McGivern, Saturday could be: “16-19C widely – with 24C the possible high in the south-east”.

“By Saturday evening, those showers would be making an appearance into the south-west [of England], spreading quite widely into southern parts of England and south Wales,” McGivern added.

“In some places, it would just be a spell of rain but for central and southern England and the south coast there is the risk of some heavy downpours, thunderstorms and frequent lightning.”

From Sunday onwards, after the thundery downpours, Britain could bake under a “mini heatwave”, according to Jim Dale from the British Weather Services.

The Met Office said that parts of the south-east could potentially reach top temperatures for the week of 25C-27C.

Met Office spokesman Richard Miles said “at the moment Tuesday looks like being the warmest day of the week”.

The Met Office chief meteorologist, Andy Page, said: “The plume of warm air we have been expecting from the south will bring higher temperatures across the whole country over the next week.

“However, it looks like the effects from the Atlantic lows will prevent sustained high pressure building from the east.

“This means that while we might see some warm – and in places very warm – days, overall the next week will feel more like what we would expect of a warm spell in May, with some heavy showers around, rather than hot summery weather.”

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