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We were wrong and now we have a problem! Germany in humiliating u-turn on AstraZeneca


Professor Thomas Mertens told the BBC’s Today Programme that despite Germany holding 1.4 million doses of the AstraZeneca vaccine, the nation has only been able to administer 240,000 doses. The German virologist added that there is a psychological problem within the nation regarding the Oxford vaccine following Germany’s initial advice which stated the jab should not be given to over-65s.

The BBC’s Nick Robinson asked: “How big a problem is it in Germany that people are reluctant to use the AstraZeneca vaccine?”

Professor Mertens said: “Yes it is a problem, there is no doubt.

“At the moment we have 1.4 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine in-store and only about 240,000 doses have been given to the people, that is definitely a problem at the moment.”

He added: “We are trying to convince people to accept that vaccine and build up the trust for the vaccine within the population.

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“But as you may know, there is a psychological problem too and it will take some time to reach this goal.”

The Today Programme host replied: “There are some that partly blame the advice from your committee, you issued advice saying there was not enough data to give the vaccine to over-65s.

“Do you accept that people read that, perhaps wrongly, as you saying it is not safe?”

The German virologist responded: “It may be part of the problem.”


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