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We tried McDonald's new menu items: The Chicken Big Mac wasn't as expected – full verdict

A brand new menu has launched in McDonald’s restaurants across the UK today with 12 exciting additions.

It includes a range of previously axed items including the Chicken Big Mac and Cheese and Herb Melts which both launched in 2022, plus seven brand new recipes.

McDonald’s kindly invited Express.co.uk to sample the most anticipated menu items, and there was one surprising favourite.

While the unbeatable salted fries, cold drinks and trademark McFlurry ice creams were as expected, the unique new flavours were a tantalising treat.

First up was the Chicken Big Mac (£4.69), made up of two crispy coated chicken breast meat patties, a slice of cheese, lettuce, pickles and tasty Big Mac sauce.

The sheer size of the burger was a real treat, with the chicken seemingly thicker than the normal beef patties in the classic recipe.

On the first bite, we noticed that the chicken was crispy, but not crunchy like the axed Chicken Legends or fairly new McCrispy recipe. One standout feature of the burger was the generous amount of sauce and lettuce which was sandwiched between the super soft sesame seed buns.

As far as the overall taste goes, the Chicken Big Mac is certainly worth a try for fans of the Big Mac sauce, but it isn’t for those who dislike McDonald’s nuggets. Effectively, the chicken patties are giant nuggets, so it’s down to taste preferences.

The second burger, a Quarter Pounder Deluxe (£4.89), earned a more generous rating with taste testers who were blown away by how fresh the ingredients tasted.

With plenty of tomatoes and gherkins to feast on, the juicy beef burger was a hit and the sesame seed bun delivered on taste and texture. The deluxe item comprises a thick beef patty, mustard, ketchup, onion, lettuce, mayonnaise, juicy tomato, and two cheese slices served in a toasted sesame seed-topped bun.

While the combination of textures was hard to resist, this burger is not for the faint-hearted who dislike the combination of mayonnaise and ketchup. That said, the burger is easily customisable by removing certain items, or even adding an extra beef patty.

Those who like a savoury side with their McDonald’s burgers shouldn’t skip out on the new five-piece Cheese and Herb Melts (£2.89). Served with a rich tomato dip, the bitesize melts are made with a blend of mozzarella and Emmental cheese, in a herb coating – and they’re nothing short of delicious.

The gooey core and crunchy exterior create the perfect blend of textures and the tomato dip compliments the flavour perfectly. That said, they could be a little more flavoursome on their own and in terms of value, it’s always better to buy the share box of 15 for £7.09.

Those seeking something sweet to finish their savoury McDonald’s meal can now choose from two new McFlurry flavours; Biscoff and Galaxy Chocolate.

Both have the same soft-serve ice cream base though the toppings vary. The delicious Biscoff flavour has crunchy crumbled biscuit sprinkled over the top along with some Biscoff flavour sauce swirled throughout. This one was a hit among taste testers and Biscoff fans alike, earning extra marks for the generous topping.

Galaxy chocolate was harder to find in the other McFlurry with a sparse topping. That said, the chocolate pieces and caramel sauce that were in the ice cream did taste rich and silky.

It comes as no surprise that the two returning burgers were the biggest hits, with the sugary sides more popular among those with a very sweet tooth.


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