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‘We quit our jobs and moved our family onto a boat – now we sail the world with no bills'

Some people dream of quitting their job and sailing around the world, but this couple made it happen.

Laura and Ross Colledge took a chance five years ago to sell their house and purchase a £100,000 boat, on which they’ve been sailing ever since.

They have two sons, Noah, 9, and Josh, 12. The family has been sailing around the Greek islands, documenting their lives for their Youtube Channel Sailing Holly Blue.

Before this journey, both Laura and Ross worked 9 to 5 jobs that had them reevaluating their lives, according to The Sun.

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Laura said: “Ross was working 50 plus hours a week and we were like ships in the night.

“He felt our children’s formative years were slipping away before our eyes and he was missing so much.”

The family has always loved the water, whether it’s swimming, kayaking or surfing.

In 2018, the family decided to buy the 2005 Bavaria 42 yacht. The plan was this: Laura and the boys would fly to Cyprus, and Ross would trial run the boat, sailing to meet them there.

Laura had a health scare on the way. The mom has fibromyalgia, which is a chronic illness that causes pain, occasionally during times of stress. With her worry over her husband, she had a flare up that found her in the hospital for weeks.

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“But while Laura and the boys were in Cyprus she experienced a massive flare-up due to the stress of leaving our old life and me navigating dangerous seas,” Ross said.

After she recovered, the plans changed to meet in Greece – and they’ve been there since. Living in tight quarters can be tough on the family relationship, but it’s also made them closer.

Laura said: “Your relationship deepens to an incredible level and your respect, as well as admiration for each other strengthens too. It’s also great to be able to choose who we socialise with and when. The boys have friends, young and old, from all over the world.”

Noah is currently homeschooled, and Josh attends online secondary schooling. Josh has ADHD and is suspected high-functioning autistic, so he’s able to get better attention at sea with his parents.


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