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Watch huge brawl erupt after MMA fighter Ewa Brodnicka shoves SEX TOY in opponent’s face in pre-fight stand-off


MMA FANS were shocked when fighter Ewa Brodnicka shoved a SEX TOY in her opponent’s face during a pre-fight stand-off.

The two stars then began fighting on stage before being pulled apart by security ahead of their scrap on Saturday evening.

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Brodnicka approaches opponent Bogusz with a sex toy behind her back[/caption]

Twitter / @BrMassami

She then shoves it in her rival’s face as a microphone[/caption]

Twitter / @BrMassami

Before Bogusz reacts and a brawl begins[/caption]

Twitter / @BrMassami

The two fighters share punches and kicks before security gets involved[/caption]

It all began to kick-off when Brodnicka, 37, walked towards Aniela ‘Lil Masti’ Bogusz, 31, for a traditional pre-fight stand-off.

Brodnicka was holding something behind her back as she approached her opponent but was covering the object with a pink cloth.

She then threw away the cloth to reveal a SEX TOY – but Bogusz still wasn’t aware of what was happening as it was still behind Brodnicka’s back.

Brodnicka then shoved the object in front of her opponent’s face before Bogusz grabbed it and launched it back at her.

The two fighters then began squaring up to each other and Brodnicka gently slapped Bogusz in the face, prompting another reaction.

Bogusz kicked out at her rival before security dragged them away from each other, only to let them go as the disagreement continued.

The opponents then had a shouting match at each other and Bogusz unleashed another kick, with Brodnicka administering a left hook.

But it was Bogusz who had the last laugh, beating Brodnicka in their professional fight to remain undefeated and boast a 3-0 record.

Brodnicka has now suffered a second career defeat, holding a 6-2 MMA record to coincide with her glittering boxing career.

The Polish star is a former WBO junior-lightweight (featherweight) champion and has won 20 of her 21 professional boxing fights.

Brodnicka is renowned for her pre-fight stand-off tactics, once KISSING an opponent on the lips before a boxing match in October 2019.

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