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Watch devastating punch from Tyson Fury that KO’s Deontay Wilder in 11th round to win epic trilogy fight in Las Vegas


TYSON Fury beat Deontay Wilder with a devastating 11th-round knockout to settle the WBC world title trilogy.

And the Brit delivered the decisive blow with just a few minutes remaining, after Wilder had recovered from a battering earlier in the fight.

Tyson Fury knocks out Deontay Wilder in the 11th round

Fury dropped Wilder in the third but then suffered two sickening knockdowns himself in the fifth.

In the tenth Fury hit back as he sent Wilder down to the canvas again.

And the unbeaten Gypsy King ended it violently in the penultimate round – with uppercuts and right hand leaving no need for a final count.

The final devastating blow caught Wilder on the left side of his head.

As he fell he tried to hold on to the ropes but his legs had gone and he collapsed to the ground.

David Haye said on BT Sport: “Wilder earned his money tonight, he surely did.

“He gave it everything he had. No one can say that his corner threw the towel in like he complained about in the second fight.

“I think he wanted to get knocked out like that. So he knows.”


Deontay Wilder slumps on to the ropes before hitting the canvas[/caption]


Deontay Wilder collapses after taking the decisive blow[/caption]


Referee Russell Mora stops the fight in the 11th round[/caption]

After the fight, Fury said: “Wilder is a tough guy with a big heart to keep going, I think a doctor got in the ring and checked him.

“He took a lot of punishment and that puts miles on the clock – but so did I.”

Former WBC champion Wilder was bleeding from his ear at the end and was taken to a Las Vegas hospital for precautionary checks.

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