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Watch Alex Pereira secure stunning UFC debut KO with brutal knee to face of Andreas Michailidis


ALEX PEREIRA made a stunning UFC debut with a brutal KO win via a knee to the face of Andreas Michailidis.

The 34-year-old ended things 18 seconds into the second round in the most stunning fashion.

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Alex Pereira delivered this brutal knee to the face to win on UFC debut[/caption]

A flying left knee landed on his Greek opponent, who fell to the canvas in the UFC 268 prelim.

Pereira surged forward onto Michailidis ready for the ground ‘n’ pound but the referee only allowed two punches to land before waving it off.

The crowd burst into cheers for what they had witnessed, many stood open-mouthed at how quickly things had turned explosive.

The Brazilian is the only man to KO middleweight champion Israel Adesanya.

But he had lost the first round to Michailidis.

Pereira was happy to operate on the outside and allow Michailidis to lead the dance from the centre of the octagon.

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Michailidis was saved from further punishment[/caption]


Michailidis shot for a takedown and grounded the Brazilian, who was slowly but surely wall-walking.

Pereira was soon fending off a back mount attempt from Michailidis.

The Brazilian got back to his feet and looked to create a separation, although Michailidis was doing incredibly well to make him work up against the fence.

Ref Dan Miragliotta separated them, much to the delight of the MSG crowd, although Michailidis put his man right back up against the cage.

The bell sounded and it was the Greek fighter 1-0 up – but that all changed in the next 18 seconds.

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Pereira has put the middleweight division on notice with this performance[/caption]

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