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'Waste of space' Furious Scots brand SNP a 'disgrace' and urge voters to shun Sturgeon


The reaction comes as polls indicate the SNP are set to outperform expectations in upcoming local elections. The party is expected to gain around 44 percent of the votes, up some 12 percent from the last round of local elections.

With the First Minister under intense pressure following a string of financial blunders surrounding the inter-island ferry service, many have nicked-named Ms Sturgeon “Kranky” after being compared to “that bloody Wee Jimmy Krankie woman” by Prime Minister Boris Johnson in 2020.

Venting their views on the SNP and Ms Sturgeon, Express.co.uk readers let their feelings be heard.

Scotland Free of the SNP said: “Kranky, waste of space, 15 years of SNP rule and nothing to show for it, apart from standards falling to their lowest levels, drugs problems highest ever and as just one example of Kranky leadership, CalMac ferry scandal, vote for Kranky, you must be joking.”

Adding to the debate, Scurdie25 spoke of the need to remove the SNP across all levels.

He said: “It’s about time folk looked round to see how SNP run council areas are run never mind the failures in government to see that its about time they were sent a clear message.

“Get them out of councils followed by out of Holyrood.”

Backing up the comment, StayUnited4all said: “Too right! They are a disgrace to both Scotland and the UK.

“How on earth people can vote for this incompetent mob beggars’ belief!

“They are ruining Scotland and they must be stopped.

“People get out and vote against them, and if you aren’t able, then get a postal vote.

“This is serious, they need to be stopped before they do any more damage.”

‘Sturgeon is drowning’ First Minister blasted

Proudscot said: “The most depressing and distressing outcome of having Sturgeon and her party in power is the way they have sullied our name throughout the UK.

“We always had a mildly confrontational tete a tete with each other, usually over footy and rugby. But now? It’s turned nasty.

“People are turning against us and it’s no wonder when someone like Sturgeon goes out of her way to make the English look like our enemies…when they’re nothing of the kind.

“I hope she’s proud of herself. Hundreds of years mucking along and making the best of things, then this nasty little woman comes along and does her damnedest to break it all up.”

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Dynamo David suggested the First Minister readily blames London for her woes.

He said: “Too many Scottish voters blame Westminster government for all Scotland’s problems.

“Yet Scotland gets plenty of Barnett formula money and Wee Krankie just wastes it and blames the Tories.”

Speaking further of financial implications, ElGordo445 said: “If the Scottish continue to vote for the SNP with a 15-year history of mismanagement and misappropriation of millions of pounds then they deserve everything that will be coming their way mainly bankruptcy.”

Does this prove Nicola Sturgeon is losing the faith of her people? Can the SNP deliver on its promises whilst learning from its mistakes? Can Nicola Sturgeon lead Scotland to become an independent nation? Let us know your thoughts and keep the conversation flowing by CLICKING HERE and joining us in our comments section below – Every Voice Matters!

Greeneyz said: “Scotland. Do yourselves the biggest favour ever and get rid of Sturgeon.

“She is a joke. Scotland used to be looked up to by the rest of the world but now it’s a laughing stock.

“Independence will be the ruin of Scotland.

“I say that as a Scot who hates what Scotland has become.

“Get rid of her, flourish and be a strong nation of proud people once again.”

And finally, batting away any hope Ms Sturgeon can rely on supported by wearing the Indy-Ref II hat, SanjayP said: “The Scottish people settled the question of independence in 2014.

“Only the SNP and their supporters are slow in understanding that.”

Local elections are due to take place in Scotland on May 5.

Latest polls suggest the SNP are predicted to secure 44 percent of all first preference votes.

Sitting behind the SNP according to the data is Labour on 23 percent, followed by the Conservative Party on 18 percent.

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