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Warning over scam targeting Bank of America and Zelle customers as thousands across country lose cash to fraudsters


BANK of America has warned of a scam that targets customers using the Zelle app as thousands across the US have lost money to the fraudsters.

The scammers target victims by sending out a text message posing as Bank of America and issuing a fake “fraud alert,” saying a $3,500 transaction has been attempted on Zelle.

The fraudsters pose as Bank of America
Thousands of people across the US have reported the scam

One of the victims, a school nurse in the San Francisco area named Page Pollack, said she was targeted just as she was trying to get students back in school safely amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The fraudsters targeted Pollack as she was on her way to the airport in July, she told KGO-TV.

“3,500 is a lot of money to me,” she said.

The text message she received read: “Bank of America Fraud Alert – Did you attempt a Zelle transaction of $3,500? Reply yes of no or 1 to decline fraud alerts.”

“I saw Bank of America on the caller ID so I thought, ‘OK, this is legit,’” Pollack told the outlet.

She said she replied “no” and immediately received a call. Caller ID said it was Bank of America.

Pollack explained that the man on the line told her to push several buttons on the Zelle app and then put her on hold.

“By that time, I was panicked, because I had to get to the airplane,” she said.

“My flight was leaving and something [about the call] just was not sitting right with me.”

It turns out, Pollack was one of thousands who were targeted by the fraudsters who pose as Bank of America.

The scammers were able to take $3,500 out of her account using Zelle.

Bank of America initially denied her claim of fraud, but eventually, Pollack was able to get her $3,500 back.

The bank has since issued a warning that it would never call a customer and ask them to stop fraud by using the Zelle money app or any other transfer.

If you receive a call, Bank of America has requested that its customers call them directly using the number on the back on your debit card or bank statement.

Customers should also avoid responding directly to texts.

ABC7 News

A San Francisco area school nurse said she was targeted[/caption]

SOPA Images/LightRocket via Gett

The scammers trick victims into sending money using Zelle[/caption]

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