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Warning as school children rushed to hospital after eating sweets laced with cannabis


A number of school pupils in Sutton, south London were rushed to hospital on March 12 after eating gummy sweets infused with marihuana. The Metropolitan Police said a number of similar incidents have taken place since then. The cannabis sweets look like normal gummy bears but can cause similar side effects to smoking the drug such as vomiting and panic attacks. Officers have issued a warning to parents and school staff to look out for the sweets. 

In a statement the Metropolitan police said: “There has been an increase in young people buying what at first appear to be regular jelly sweets, gummy bears or similar sweets. 

“These sweets are not what they appear to be. They are in fact mixed with cannabis and have a detrimental effect on those eating them.

“The schools in Sutton have been made aware of these incidents. 

“The school staff are being observant and students found in possession with be directed to the police.

“Please familiarise yourself with the below. Sutton police have seized these cannabis sweets this week. 

“Key an eye out for the below/similar packets of sweets. They have ‘cannabis infused’ or similar written on them.

“If you find any, then please inform the school or call the Police on 101 or 999.” 

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One school in the area, Greenshaw High School, shared the police notice on its Twitter account.

Although no one has died as a direct result of using cannabis, people can misjudge doses especially when eating it. 

Any children caught with the sweets at school will be directed to the police, the Metropolitan Police said.


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