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Warm home discount scheme: Today is your last chance to get £140 off your electricity bill


Warm home discount scheme support can provide eligible recipients with £140 off their electricity bills for the 2020 to 2021 winter months. The money will not be awarded directly to claimants, it will instead be a one-off discount on electricity bills but this reduction can not be received beyond today.

Those in the “broader group” may be able to apply if their energy supplier is part of the scheme, they’re on a low income and they get certain means-tested benefits.

If people apply through this route, they’ll need to stay with their current supplier until the discount is paid.

Electricity suppliers themselves will decide who can get the discount through the broader group method.

Broader group claimants are advised to contact their suppliers as soon as possible as the number of discounts available are limited.

There is a large list of energy suppliers taking part in the scheme but it includes well known UK companies including British Gas, EDF Energy and SSE.

On top of the core and broader group routes, ofgem also notes there is a third called industry initiatives.

This route provides indirect help to fuel-poor customers.

As ofgem detailed: “The Industry Initiative element of the scheme allows suppliers to help fuel-poor customers through third parties.

“Depending on the obligated supplier’s programme and third party provider, it can include advice on energy saving, and help with reducing energy debts.

“Not all obligated suppliers will have Industry Initiatives as they can meet their obligations under the WHD through Core and Broader Group rebates alone.”

On top of the warm home discount scheme, consumers may qualify for support through winter fuel payments and/or cold weather payments, both of which also end today.

Full details on all of these schemes and other forms of state support can be found on the Government’s website and impartial advice can be sought from the likes of the Money Advice Service and Citizens Advice.


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