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Want to Make Your Vape Juice? Let’s Find Quick Ways To Make Perfect Vape Juice



Vaping has become a widespread habit, especially among youngsters. One of the reasons vaping is a better choice is that it gives a user control over nicotine dosage, making it safer than smoking. Vaping also gives users control over the potency and concentration of the flavor. It makes the whole vaping experience customized and pleasurable. 


Another such trend is homemade recipes. We all love homemade recipes. Aren’t we? There are various reasons why everyone prefers everything homemade. Many companies claim that eliquid found here is the best, but you should know about it before purchasing it. Even cannabis users are keen on experimenting with homemade vape juices and want to know how to make your own vape juice. While some make this for fun, others may have a specific reason. Some of the benefits of homemade things are-


  1. It ensures the quality of the product.
  2. It franchises you to customize your vape juice as per your preference.
  3. It also ensures that vape juice has not gone through adulteration.
  4. It gives you complete control over the potency of the vape juice.
  5. It provides a sense of excitement to the user about making their vape juice.


What Is Vape Juice?

Vaping is not the same as smoking. Smoking involves the combustion of tobacco leaves to produce smoke. Vaping and smoking supply nicotine, but tobacco combustion is the source of the most harm. Vapes look like cigarettes. It is a liquid-inhaling process. Then, this liquid gets converted into an aerosol. This aerosol is also known as a vapor that the user inhales. Generally, a battery-operated device helps vape. There are a variety of vapes available in the market, such as a rechargeable or disposable.

Vape juice is also known as E-juice, vape juice, and vapor-liquid. When we use a vape pen, the battery can heat the e-liquid. Then, it transforms into a smooth vapor that is breathable. Vape juice is available for various tastes, and a user can choose according to his preferences. Ingredients like water and nicotine in various ratios help in improving vape juice. There are different varieties based on nicotine levels also. There are also nicotine-free vape liquids available. Vape juices are one of the most convenient ways of enjoying cannabis.


Benefits Of Vape Juice

Vape juices are beneficial in many ways. Some of the expected benefits of vape juices are-

  • Helps In Relieving Pain

Scientists have discovered vaping could help with chronic pain relief. Chronic pain is caused mainly by inflammation and is frequent in diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Various research shows that vape juices can effectively treat neuropathic pain. Some vape juices have inflammatory properties. It also regulates the functioning of neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine, and glutamate. Vape juices can lower the perception of the pain, resulting in relief in pain.


  • Work As Antidepressant

There are some positive effects of vaping on the brain. Vape juices calm our minds, which control anxious thoughts and feelings. It can help them to manage their unstoppable thoughts.


  • Helps In Regulating Sleep Cycle

Vape juices are likely to have a good effect on your circadian rhythm. It has been effective against many sleep disorders and anxiety issues as it helps regulate the sleep cycle. Vape juices allow your body to be calm and encourage relaxation. 


  • Helps In Quitting Smoking

Many users have shared that vaping has helped them reduce their smoking habits significantly. Vaping gives them the feeling of smoking without actually smoking a cigarette. It helps to control their nicotine intake. 


How To Make Perfect Vape Juice?

  • Step 1 

Collect all the instruments required for the process. For making your vape juice, you need bottles, measuring containers, syringes, gloves, and a kitchen roll.

  • Step 2

You have to gather all the ingredients you need for the vape juice recipe. The main elements are Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerine. These are a type of organic liquid that forms the base of any vape juice.

Propylene Glycol is responsible for the euphoric feeling and is a thinner liquid out of the two. Vegetable Glycerine makes it easier to inhale. The next ingredient you need is flavored liquid. It depends entirely on personal preference, and you can choose from several flavors. If you want to add a little touch of nicotine, you can also have nicotine shots.


  • Step 3

Go through a vape juice calculator, which is available online. You have to enter things like how much volume of the vape juice you want to make, and it will automatically tell you everything about the quantity of each ingredient you need.


  • Step 4

Here comes the preparation stage. The first step in preparation is to prepare a base mixture. For this, you have to wear your gloves. As calculated earlier, extract the amounts of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine using a syringe. Add these liquids to the beaker.


  • Step 5

Here comes the most exciting step in your vape juice journey. It’s time to add flavor concentrate to the juice. The number of concentrates can vary depending on how strong the flavor you want. Generally, a 5% flavor concentration gives you a typical taste, whereas a 20% flavor may result in a strong flavor. You can either add your favorite flavor or mix and match it with different flavors to make it more interesting.


  • Step 6

It is an optional step. Always remember to add it in a small quantity. If you wish to have nicotine, you can add a few drops of nicotine shots at this stage. 


  • Step 7

Now it’s time to mix and mix. Stir all contents well so that everything in your vape juice gets mixed. You should add your vape juices in small bottles from the beaker using a syringe. After pouring them into small bottles, remember to seal them nicely and give them a shake.


  • Step 8

Here comes the part that most users may hate. It is advisable to keep your vape juice in the dark for around five to six days. It helps to improve the flavor of the vape juice and is known as the steeping period. If you cannot control yourself for these many days, you can puff it immediately, but it may not taste that good instantly. 

And your favorite vape juice is ready!


There are several ways to prepare your vape juice at home. But the above discussed is the easiest method. It may take you a few tries to be perfect at making vape juice at home, but once you get perfect it, then you may not want to switch it for readymade vape juice. It is also advisable not to add any random substances while making vape juice at home as those ingredients may not sit well together.

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