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Walsall gas explosion: Huge blast by M6 sparks panicked evacuation as black smoke billows


The explosion took place on Darlaston Road which forced emergency services to rush to the scene. Firefighters are now on the scene and advise the public to avoid the area. In footage from the scene, black smoke can be seen billowing from a building while several windows were are smashed. 

West Midlands Fire Service tweeted: “Crews from Walsall, Willenhall and Bilston are currently in attendance to reports of a Gas explosion on Darlaston Road, Walsall, working together with Ambulance, Police and Gas board.

“Avoid the area if possible.”

There have been no reports or injuries following the explosion. 

The explosion is believed to have taken place at 6.30am while the road is expected to be closed for the rest of the morning. 

“I didn’t realise it was an explosion. I thought someone had dropped something cos I heard a thud.

“We have pets in there I hope they are okay.

“We were told to get out and leave the doors open.”

Due to the explosion, scorch marks can be seen on neighbouring buildings. 

The removal of gas boilers will form part of the UK’s target to reach net-zero by 2050. 

Within this target, gas boilers will be replaced by low carbon alternatives such as heat pumps. 

The Government will also help to install solar panels on social housing to help residents on low-incomes. 


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