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Vladimir Putin 'scrambles to expand Russian graveyards' as bodies pile up from Ukraine war

“It was reported recently that he lost 1,400 men in one day. There are pictures of these new graveyards in Russia. They are enormous, and they are really bringing the war home to Russians.”

The Telegraph and National Security News obtained the images of newly built cemeteries, and one expert told the outlets that they show “the huge price Russian conscripts are paying” in Ukraine.

They also reported that the imagery from Moscow’s Tula cemetery showed one section had quadrupled in size there.

Col Philip Ingram, a former British Army intelligence officer and NATO planner, added: “The reality for the Russian people is that the expansion of the size of these cemeteries doesn’t fully reflect the true numbers of Russian dead.

“Many bodies are left where they fell on the battlefield.

“The recovery and repatriation of Russian dead is not a priority as it keeps the true extent of the casualties away from public gaze and saves the Russian government paying compensation to families.

“This year will likely see casualties from both sides reach the one million in total mark.

“I should imagine that the cemeteries will either grow in size again or new ones will have to be developed.”


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