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Vladimir Putin reeling after crack Russian unit is 'totally destroyed' in brutal battle

A crack Russian unit of fighters was almost totally destroyed during intense fighting near Kharkiv, rendering it inoperable, according to reports from the frontline.

The devastating massacre took place last weekend during fighting for Vovchansk, a city located 73 km (45 miles) northeast of Kharkiv.

The city has become the focus of heavy fighting after Russian troops launched a surprise attack in the Kharkiv region in early May.

As of last week, the Russians claimed to control around and half of the city – but the situation on the ground remains very fluid.

After making initial gains, the Russians have increasingly become bogged down amid fierce resistance from Ukrainian troops, who are starting to receive fresh supplies of critical weapons from the US.

A pro-Russian military blogger claimed on his Telegram channel that the 1009th regiment had been wiped out during fierce battles in Vovchansk.

The unit consisted almost entirely of mobilised soldiers from the Pskov region in northwest Russia.

The blogger wrote on his “Northern Channel”: “1009th Regiment, 25th Brigade, 6th Army. Mostly mobilised from the Pskov region.

“They stood until the last… Dark days for our guys and their relatives in the Kharkiv direction.”

The blogger blamed commanders for the losses, saying they failed to take into account the “changing realities” of the battlefield.

In a sign that the Russians are struggling to assert control over the city, he added: “It has become difficult in recent days. Don’t read the victory reports…

“There is heavy fighting and those advances of 300 metres in the morning may end in a retreat of 500 metres by evening.

“Two houses on the same street may end up under the control of either one, then others.”

Anton Andreev, a contract soldier from the 1009th regiment, told the Russian media channel Astra that out of 100 soldiers in his unit only 12 survived – a loss rate of 88 percent.

He described hellish scenes of troops being mowed down by machine gun fire and drones.

“You walk through the street, everything seems to be fine, but then you get caught up in a massacre – under machine guns, especially drones – they take out so many,” he said.

“And the command on the radio shouts ‘forward, forward!’ You can’t leave. When there are 5-10 people left from all groups, maybe they will allow them to retreat.”

Andreev blamed officials in Moscow for the massacre, vowing to take revenge on those responsible.

“Well, I understand that our leadership is given an order, but those who sit in Moscow are f*****,” he said.


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