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Visceral fat: Best exercise to reduce the belly fat – ‘it will continue to burn fat after’


Simon added: “The best diet is one high in plant foods and low in animal foods.

“This is because plant foods do not contain cholesterol and if you eat predominantly whole foods such as legumes, wholegrains, nuts, seeds, fruits and vegetables you will be consuming low amounts of saturated fat and high amounts of fibre which is really important for weight loss and also general health.

“Eating a diet rich in fibre means that you will feel full and satisfied after a meal, it will help to maintain steady blood glucose levels, and because fibre acts as a bulking agent to your stools, it helps keep your digestive system functioning optimally.

“Animal foods on the other hand are often high in saturated fats and they also contain cholesterol and are devoid of fibre. All of these things will increase the risk of visceral fat storage and chronic disease.”

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