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Virgo March 2021 horoscope: What’s in store for Virgo in March?


Virgos are known for being excellent at prioritising, getting organised, and striving for the best they can get in all aspects of life. In March, Virgo will be making decisions, being praised for their hard work, and letting go of any limiting self-beliefs. Express.co.uk chatted to astrologer, cosmic coach, crystal healer and founder of the Moon Child Sorority, Bex (@cosmic_cures on Instagram) to hear her Virgo March 2021 predictions.

Virgos are ambitious most of the time anyway but March is going to light a fire in your belly, Virgo.

Bex explained: “Mars enters Gemini at the beginning of March, setting the tone for a month that will glow with the light of ambition.

“If you’ve been spinning lots of plates or toying with plenty of ideas then it’s time to make a decision about what you want to plunge forward with.”

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While Virgo is known for being able to prioritise, this can make them perfectionists who struggle to make a decision due to anxiety.

Virgos will be indecisive throughout March, but their energy will be more dreamy than anxious.

Bex said: “Mercury is your ruling planet, and it’s heading into Pisces in the middle of the month.

“This brings a calming, diplomatic energy to the rest of the month and you may find yourself especially drawn to daydreaming or simply find it hard to make decisions.”

To beat indecisiveness, you should defer your decisions to a reliable friend.

Bex said: “Use this time as a period of creativity instead and don’t underestimate the value of asking friends for advice.

“In fact, one on one partnerships and conversations with those closest to you are also going to help you on a personal level, and may also reveal answers you didn’t even know you were looking for.”

Money is a touchy subject for everyone at the moment, especially Virgo. However, by the end of March you’ll be feeling much better about your finances.

Venus is moving into Aries on March 21 and you’ll be receiving a financial reward, especially regarding the projects you’ve been boldly pushing forward with.

Bex said: “By the time the Full Moon in Libra arrives at the end of the month it’s time to shed any limiting beliefs that lie around your feelings of self-worth and finances.

“If your relationships or self-care have suffered and are unbalanced as a result of not feeling good enough or being worried about money, now is the time to release any negative emotions that are holding you back and trust completely in your power.”


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