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Virgin River season 3: Alexandra Breckenridge nearly quit acting ‘FOUR times’ for new job


Mel Monroe (played by Alexandra Breckenridge) and Jack Sheridan’s (Martin Henderson) romance has kept Virgin River fans gripped for two drama-filled seasons now. And heading into the Netflix series’ third run, the drama shows no signs of slowing down after Mel discovered her love interest bleeding to death after being shot in his bar in the season two finale. However, the face of Virgin River could’ve been very different following a revelation Breckenridge recently made.

The Virgin River star has been a familiar presence on big and small screens for the best part of two decades.

Prior to landing her acting gig on Virgin River, Breckenridge had enjoyed success on NBC’s Golden Globe-winning drama, This Is Us. 

And the impressive notches on her CV don’t stop there as Breckenridge also enjoyed recurring roles in FOX’s The Walking Dead, American Horror Story and animated comedy Family Guy.

On the big screen, the Virgin River star has taken the box office by storm in Zipper, Broken Vows and Ticket Out to name a few.

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However, she did go on to clarify how “very, very” wrong she was about her initial impressions.

In fact, the show has proven so popular, hundreds of theories have swept the web predicting who Jack’s mystery shooter could be.

Jack wasn’t exactly on the right side of several residents of Virgin River, including local drug dealer Calvin (David Cubitt) and former close pal Brady (Benjamin Hollingsworth).

Both of these men are prime suspects in the attempted murder of Jack but the list doesn’t stop there.

In fact, a new theory suggests Jack’s righthand man Preacher (Colin Lawrence) may have inadvertently put his pal in harm’s way.

Some in the fandom have suggested Preacher’s new friend Jamie (Carmel Amit), who offered him a job elsewhere, could secretly be working against Jack.

But for now, fans will just have to wait until the third season of Virgin River drops on Netflix to find out who pulled the trigger.

Virgin River is available to stream on Netflix now.


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