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'Vicious scrap' surrounded by '200 children' in park captured on video


Since the Rule of Six was introduced on Monday and the weather improved markedly, Brits have been outside for regular walks and exercise this week. However, as Nottinghamshire Live and Manchester Evening News report, young people have been caught flouting the guidelines and holding raves and even, fights in parks. In Nottingham, more than 200 people were huddled together, drinking alcohol, playing music, and residents reported some were smoking cannabis in a blatant breach of the law and Covid-19 guidelines.

And in Manchester, hundreds of children were filmed brawling in a “vicious scrap” in a park, which has angerred local residents.

When night fell in Nottingham, residents reported a large group gathered to dance to loud music, drink booze and take drugs. 

A police van was parked on the street with two police officers watching the scenes, it is reported.

But Nottinghamshire Police said, as they received no complaints from residents near Forest Recreation Ground, they couldn’t intervene.

Yet the clip, shared online, shows the young people, using their mobile phones for lights, partying with no regard for coronavirus rules.

In Heaton Park, near Prestwich, Manchester, two teenage girls reportedly started scrapping before approximately 200 other teens “piled on” in a huge fracas.

The footage shows the large group brawl in scenes described as “really upsetting”.

Collette Walsh, who witnessed the brawl, said: “I live near the park and often so an early evening walk.  

“I’d actually been enjoying taking in the smiling faces of families and kids finally getting to be out and enjoying such a beautiful place in the sun.

“However, when I got as far as the boating lake cafe, I could see a big gathering of young people – absolutely zero rule of six going on.

“I’d estimate there was around 200 plus high school aged kids in one big gathering. I then spotted a pretty vicious scrap break out between two girls aged about 15 and suddenly there was a pile on and a then charge from loads of kids rushing to see more.”

Collette, who works as a journalist, added: “I quickly moved through the crowd. It felt really uncomfortable as there was zero social distancing and I’ve an auto-immune condition.

“As I rushed away, I then spotted a fight among a load of lads break out and some poor teenage boy being chased.

“It was really upsetting. I would normally just leave kids to themselves but I could see someone was going to get possibly badly injured. I called the police and rushed home.

“I really hope the council and police monitor this.

“I want young people to enjoy what is a brilliant park and have fun but getting aggressive and forming massive groups is not on.”

It is believed Greater Manchester Police were called but it is not known if they attended the incident.


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