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Used car expert shares underrated yet powerful used hatchback for less than £15,000

A popular used car personality has recommended a reasonably priced hot hatchback that many motorists are almost completely unaware of.

Adam Morris is one of the presenters on the ReDriven YouTube channel, regularly creating videos in which he recommends reliable used models and shares common faults to look out for.

In a recent video, Adam looks around a BMW M140i, the hot hatchback variant of the 1-Series, stating it had a whole host of upgrades and plenty of potential for customisation.

He explained: “Being the performance-focused 1-Series, they feature all the supporting cast of upgrades – adaptive suspension, upgraded brakes, extra body bracing, not to mention options like a limited slip diff and high-performance tyres.

“Besides that, the model also offers a unique proposition in the hot hatch world, because these are rear-wheel drive only. Plus, you get a choice of eight-speed auto or six-speed manual transmissions, a near-endless array of BMW optional extras, not to mention the enormous range of aftermarket parts for tuning and motorsport.”

Built between 2015 and 2019, the BMW M140i was the high-performance version of their entry-level 1-Series hatchback, replacing the less reliable M135i.

All examples of the BMW M140i feature a 3.0 straight-six petrol engine, which is capable of producing 340bhp. As a result, the hot hatch can accelerate from 0-62mph in just 4.6 seconds.

Whilst the M140i is notably more expensive than more conventional versions of the BMW 1-Series, used car buyers can get into one from just under £15,000, with cleaner examples fetching around £20,000.

Getting inside, Adam suggested that the overall driving position in the BMW M140i is impressive, even if the seats are not the most comfortable.

He continued: “Ergonomics are so great, there’s so much adjustability in the steering wheel and seat, so getting the right driving position is great. There are these small things I love as well, like there’s almost a cut-out here, so when you’re driving and you have your hand on the gearstick, it flows nicely through the centre console.

“One issue, and I found this with other 1-Series models as well, is that I just can’t get comfortable in the seats. The actual lateral support is good, but there are gaps between my hamstring and the bottom of the seat. You can sit nice and low, which is fantastic, but the actual seat isn’t great.”

Later in the video, the YouTuber stated that the BMW currently has a positive track record for reliability, stating that well-maintained examples could become future classics.

He added: “Obviously, time will tell if the B58 [engine] is reliable in the long term, but even if it isn’t, you’re going to have an absolute ball before it breaks down. In fact, I’m going to go out on a bit of a limb here.

“I’m predicting that an ultra low-mileage, mint condition M140i might just be a future classic. I doubt that BMW, or really any manufacturer, are ever going to make cars exactly like this ever again, and that’s a tragedy.”


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