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US soldier detained in Russia 'stabbed by girlfriend' in brutal fight months before arrest

An American soldier currently being detained in Russia on theft charges was allegedly stabbed by his girlfriend during a video call with his ex and young daughter.

Gordon Black, who has been held in Russia for over a week, was stabbed by his Russian girlfriend months before his arrest, according to a report.

The report claims Black was on a surprise video call to his soon-to-be ex-wife Megan Black and their six-year-old daughter when he was attacked.

His family currently live in Texas, and Black was on tour in South Korea when the incident occurred. Megan claimed the couple broke out into a screaming match before the girlfriend allegedly clawed at his face and brandished a knife.

She told Reuters: “She stabbed him. [He] had blood on his face.”

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Reports have surfaced naming Black’s girlfriend Aleksandra Vashchuk, who he has shared pictures of on Facebook.

The staff sergeant was arrested on theft charges in the Russian city of Vladivostok on May 2 while visiting the country on personal business, Russian authorities said.

Black was stationed at Camp Humphreys outside Seoul, and the Pentagon said he broke the rules by flying overseas without getting permission.

His mother Melody Jones thinks her son “was lured” to Russia and set up by Vashchuck. Black stole roughly £80 from his girlfriend and is now being held in pretrial confinement on what Jones argued are trumped-up charges.


Jones also told Reuters: “I told them both: You don’t need to be together. One of you is going to get hurt one of these days.”

Black was close to finalising his divorce with Megan when he was arrested, and on the same day he sent her a message saying “he wasn’t coming home.”

Before this, she and their daughter had no idea he was even in Russia; they thought he was coming back to Texas following his South Korea tour.


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