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US reporter slaps down Piers Morgan ‘He’s promoting a book and wants to re-launch himself'


Piers Morgan’s interview with Tucker Carlson is already making news across the globe after he hit out at former Good Morning Britain colleague Alex Beresford and Meghan Markle. However, speaking on Australia’s The Today Show, reporter Alison reminded viewers the controversial host is promoting his new book as she took a swipe at his attempt to “re-launch himself” in America.

“Piers Morgan has doubled down on his comments about Meghan Markle in his first television interview since leaving Good Morning Britain,” Charles Croucher began.

“Now our US correspondent Alison Piotrowski is in Los Angeles with the details. Morning Ali, what did the former host have to say?”

Alison replied: “Good morning Charles. Well, this interview has just dropped here in the United States and Piers Morgan says he wants to clarify a few things.

“The main one being the he never said Meghan Markle wasn’t suicidal. He said he couldn’t possibly get in her head and know.

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“He said the issue he had with the interview she had with Oprah was in regards to the fact she asked for help from two royal aides and they’d rejected her. Let’s take a listen.”

A clip of Piers was shown as he explained to Tucker: “I was told that you’ve got to believe Meghan Markle and if you don’t believe what she’s saying then you’re a racist.

“I just find that impossible to believe that you would have two people in the palace that would be that callous to a woman telling them she was suicidal.”

As the clip ended, Alison contained: “Now Piers also went on to say Charles that America has just accepted the fact that the Royal Family is racist.

“It’s ironically the very thing he has been so critical of Meghan and Harry.”

In Piers’ interview with Tucker Carlson, he explained how a “huge furore” broke out the day after he questioned the Duchess of Sussex’s comments in her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“I was an outrage,” he said recalling the backlash from viewers.

“I wasn’t allowed to have an opinion that I didn’t believe what she was saying, even though it was clear to me in real-time, as I was watching the interview that there were a number of things which just couldn’t be true.”


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