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Urgent DWP warning over health conditions becoming 'ineligible' for PIP

People who currently receive financial support for long-term health conditions are being warned of changes set to come. The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has issued an update on claims some health conditions will be taken off the Personal Independence Plan (PIP) eligibility list.

A green paper – which is essentially a Government consultation on policy – has been laid out by the DWP suggesting potential changes to PIP.

These currently include no more cash payments, the introduction of a voucher system, as well as a different assessment and eligibility criteria for claimants who receive payments.

As reported by Birmingham Live, Labour MP Imran Hussain asked whether the DWP has “made an assessment of the potential impact of proposed reforms to personal independence payment on the mental wellbeing of people who become ineligible as a result of those changes”.

In response, Mims Davies MP – minister for Disabled People, Health and Work, said: “Modernising Support for Independent Living: The Health and Disability Green Paper looks at different options to reshape the current welfare system so that we can provide better targeted support to those who need it most.

“We are considering these options through our 12-week consultation which was published on Monday April 29 and will close on Monday July 22 at 11.59pm.

“Further analysis of these options will consider potential impacts on claimants with different health conditions.”

However, she said there would be no “immediate” changes.

She continued: “There will be no immediate changes to PIP, or to health assessments.

“All scheduled PIP assessments and payments will proceed as normal, and claimants should continue to engage as usual and provide any necessary information or updates regarding their circumstances.”

In 2013 PIP replaced Disability Living Allowance for people of working age to help with extra living costs caused by long-term disabilities or ill health.

People are paid depending on how difficult they find everyday tasks and getting around, with the maximum weekly payment being £184.30.

You can claim PIP whether you have a job or not.

Recent figures show more than 3.3 million people in Britain currently receive PIP to help with the extra cost of living with a health condition or disability.

Some of these claimants are of retirement age but remain eligible because they received support when they were of working age.

The Government states that PIP spending is expected to increase by 52 percent from 2023/24 to £32.8bn by 2027/28.

In Scotland, PIP is being replaced with Adult Disability Payment.

Potential changes to the eligibility criteria for PIP include whether current criteria – such as the need for aids and appliances – are good indicators of extra costs.

The consultation will also consider whether people with long-term conditions and disabilities would need to be assessed at all.

These proposals come after the prime minister pledged to strip GPs of their power to sign people off work as part of a plan to tackle what he calls the UK’s “sick note culture”.

To take part in the consultation you can complete an online form or email consultation.modernisingsupport@DWP.GOV.UK.

For details on how to take part via post click here.


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