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Unusual fish head food scrap helps flowers bloom when buried in garden soil

In the quest for vibrant and flourishing gardens, some gardeners are embracing an unconventional practice: burying fish heads to foster big blooms and healthy plants. 

This age-old method, often overlooked in modern gardening, is gaining attention for its effectiveness in promoting soil fertility and plant growth.

The practice involves burying fish heads directly into the soil of garden beds or planting areas. 

As the fish heads decompose, they release valuable nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and calcium into the soil, which are essential for plant health and growth. 

Now, modern gardeners are rediscovering this age-old practice and incorporating it into their gardening routines with promising outcomes.

However, it’s essential to bury the fish heads properly to prevent any unpleasant odours or unwanted attention from scavengers. 

Gardeners typically dig a hole in the planting area, place the fish head at the bottom, and cover it with soil. 

Over time, the fish head decomposes gradually, releasing its nutrients into the surrounding soil.


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