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'Unlucky!' LBC caller stuns Ferrari as he dismisses M25 stunt impact on urgent NHS visits


Nick Ferrari discussed Insulate Britain’s protest on the M25 this week which held up morning traffic for several hours and invited LBC listeners to share their thoughts on the demonstration. But an angry caller by the name of Andy wasted no time attacking Mr Ferrari calling him “narrow-minded” and supported the M25 climate change protesters. Andy was asked how he would respond to those who have missed hospital appointments they have waited two years because of the tailbacks caused on with the caller bluntly saying “unlucky”.

M25 protesters blocked a junction on the M25 for a few hours to bring attention to climate change issues.

The protesters split the public with some furious ordinary people were being punished for their protest with others praising their work to bring climate change issues to the forefront of conversations.

Sky News reports 78 people were arrested after the protesters sat in the middle of the road during rush hour.

Police were notified at around 8:15am with the roads then cleared two hours later.

Mr Ferrari invited Andy from Reading to share his thoughts but the mood quickly turned sour after the caller personally attacked the LBC star.

Andy told the show: “You are so narrow-minded Nick, you are like King Cnut in reverse.

“How are you going to be able to hold back the sea levels rising, we’ve done nothing we are totally inefficient.

“And your arrogance and your pettiness…”

The caller was not sympathetic and said many others had waited a long time for their hospital appointments too before talking about sea levels rising.

Mr Ferrari wished him well and ended the conversation.

Good Morning Britain host Richard Madeley spoke with Liam Norton who was involved in the protest and asked him a similar question involving a child.

The GMB host pointed out: “Explain to me, for example, that the parent of a seven-year-old child who had an absolutely critical hospital appointment to deal with their potentially terminal cancer.

“An appointment that may potentially save their lives and they find themselves sitting behind one of your roadblocks for hours on end.

“And missing all that treatment, can you justify that?”

Mr Norton bluntly replied he would be furious and said if things were not changed now then the next few years could be severe for “humanity”.

Mr Madeley was astounded at the reply and was furious a child’s life could potentially be put in danger.

Insulate Britain demands the Government fully fund social house insulations across the UK by 2025 and all homes to be kitted out with low-carbon whole-house retrofits by 2030.

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