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Union Flag should fly on hospitals, railways, police stations, MP Oliver Dowden demands


Former security minister Sir John Hayes, the chairman of the “common sense” group of Conservative MPs, want to see the flag proudly flown at NHS sites and other public buildings as well. In a letter to the culture secretary, he states: “I am sure you will agree that it is important that all Government agencies, from the Environment agency to Ofsted and other public buildings such as railway stations and police stations fly the flag too.” A key goal is ensuring that the Union flag is flown at hospitals.

Sir John writes: “During what has been an unprecedented year, our incredible National Health Service has been close to the hearts of a grateful nation. With this in mind, I believe it would be particularly fitting to emphasise the NHS’s unique British heritage by implementing the guidance regarding the Union flag and NHS flag flying together on all hospitals, public health centres and other NHS buildings.

“In doing so, we would reaffirm our collective pride in the NHS; reinforce its public ownership and illustrate to those around the world, the United Kingdom’s enduring commitment to healthcare free at the point of need. The proud display of shared emblems of national pride foster unity, bringing the people of the four nations of our United Kingdom together.”

Local government secretary Robert Jenrick has called on local councils to fly the union flag on their buildings.

Pollsters YouGov last week found 58 percent of Britons strongly or somewhat approved on flying the Union flag on government buildings every day and only 19 percent somewhat or strongly disapproved. 


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