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Ukrainian troops warn their defensive lines ‘barely exist' as Russia prepares huge attack

Ukraine’s defensive lines “barely exist”, a Ukrainian soldier has warned, as Russia threatens to seize more territory with its brutal attacks.

Russia has been targeting Ukraine’s defences with devastating glide bombs that can drop as much as 1.5 tons of explosives.

As quoted by AP, Ukrainian soldier Batyar said the defensive lines meant to give them cover from these kinds of attacks “barely exist”, leaving many vulnerable to Russian strikes.

He added that Kyiv’s men are concerned that fortifications are not being built quickly enough as a huge summer offensive by Moscow is anticipated.

Batyar added: “It’s necessary to increase the pace of building fortifications … so that when we retreat, we will retreat to a prepared position…These fortifications are not enough.”

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Ukrainians have spent recent months digging in their defensive positions, creating trenches, and laying down dragon’s teeth to try and hold up Russian tanks.

Ukraine has allocated nearly 38 billion hryvnias ($960 million) to build an extensive fortification network this year. Soldiers across the front line maintain that should have happened last year, when Ukraine had the upper hand in the fighting, not in the heat of battle now.

Oleksandr, a deputy infantry commander with the 47th brigade in the Avdiivka area, added: “There was an absence of responsibility. People didn’t understand that fortifications can save your life if you do it in advance.

“Many people thought we wouldn’t need to prepare such lines. They didn’t expect a new Russian offensive.”

More fighting is expected after the Kremlin confirmed it is not interested in peace talks this week.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Moscow did not see the talks as credible.

He said: “We don’t understand what kind of milestone it is, this peace conference,” he told reporters. “What kind of conference can we talk about, what kind of serious conference with serious expectations of some kind of results, without the participation of Russia?

“This is completely impossible, and it is clear that this is some kind of initiative that is not focused on results.”

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