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Ukrainian mum’s horror as her SON bombs country flying in Russian military before he’s shot down and captured


A UKRAINIAN mum has revealed her son is a Russian fighter pilot – and bombed her country before he was shot down.

Tearful Elena Golovenskaya spoke of her horror that Major Aleksey Golovensky was attacking Ukraine, in a video released by Ukraine’s military.

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Elena Golovenskaya has spoken about at her ‘grief and horror’ that her son is bombing Ukraine[/caption]

Major Aleksey Golovensky was pictured in a field after being shot down
The smouldering remains of his aircraft near where he was captured

She said Golovensky was shot down in the Mykolaiv area on March 5.

Footage released by Ukrainian forces shows a pilot with his name pictured in a field with his hands in the air round the time he was captured and also later being questioned.

In video message, heartbroken Golovenskaya speaks of her “grief and shame” at son’s actions.

She also apologises to the Ukrainian people for her son and also that she “could not raise a normal, worthy person”.


She revealed that she currently lives in the city of Kremenchug, in the Poltava region of central Ukraine.

Her son is a pilot in a naval aviation regiment, which is has been deployed in the city of Saky, in Russian occupied in Crimea, she says in the video.

She said “on March 5, 2022, following the criminal orders of the command of the Russian army” he flew to Mykolaiv in his SU-30SM fighter.

There “he was shot down by Ukrainian air defence and captured”, Golovenskaya revealed.

“We learned about this news from the media, watching a report about downed pilots,” she said.

“I was overwhelmed with grief and shame for my son, we repeatedly heard the terrible howl of air raid sirens in Kremenchug,” she said.

“It was hard for me to understand how it was possible to fulfill the commander’s criminal order about the bombing of Ukraine.

“Naturally, I’m worried about my son. Once captured, thank God he survived.

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“I apologise to the Ukrainian people and I apologise for my son and for myself that I could not raise a normal, worthy person.”

In the video Golovenskaya is speaking Russian, which is also the native language of Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky.

While many Russian speakers identify as Ukrainian, others are loyal to Moscow.

In video of his capture, Golovensky can be heard he saying he is the commander of the 59882 aviation unit which is based in Saky.

The unit is widely reported to be part of the Russian Navy.

Golovensky was one of nine Vladimir Putin’s pilots shot down over Ukraine last weekend.

Pictures show the burning wrecks of Russian aircraft and the terrified faces their pilots as they were detained by soldiers and civilians after ejecting from their planes.

It comes as:

  • Russian forces are massing near Kyiv as Ukraine is fortifying the capital for a long bloody siege
  • Kremlin diplomats accused a pregnant woman of FAKING her injuries after Putin’s forces bombed a hospital
  • Roman Abramovich has been sanctioned – and its feared Chelsea could fold if he doesn’t sell the club in 81 DAYS
  • Russia has been accused of nuclear terrorism after bombing a reactor in Kharkiv
  • Britain has warned that Russia could use chemical weapons as the invasion continues
  • Incredible video shows a Russian armoured column being blitzed as it advances towards Kyiv
  • Sanctions continue to bite – and one Russian was seen stocking up with dozens of McDonald’s burgers as the company withdrew

He was filmed on his knees wearing an orange flying suit with his hands on his head as he revealed his name and that his unit was based in Saky.

Also detained was another pilot from the same SU-30SM aircraft, the remains of which can been smouldering in a field after being brought down by Ukrainian fire.

Russian airstrikes are believed to have killed hundreds – maybe thousands – of civilians across Ukraine.

Video taken of two airmen in the back of a truck shows them being interrogated, with their captors raging: “You are killing our people, you b*****d”.

The pilot pleads he was just “ordered to fly” – and claims he was on a rescue mission.

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And another video shows a Russian pilot with blood on his shirt saying he was “not told anything” about his mission.

“Were you blind?” one man rages, with the troops claiming they had maps from his plane showing bombing runs.

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Golovensky was later seen in a Ukrainian military video after being captured[/caption]

Twitter/ ArmedForcesUkr

His mother apologised for her son’s actions[/caption]

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