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Ukraine war LIVE – Bloodthirsty Vladimir Putin warns Russia is stronger than EVER but can’t shake of health rumours


VLADIMIR Putin has warned the west that Russia is stronger than ever, after military and naval improvements.

This comes just days after the tyrant said the world-ending Sarmat intercontinental ballistic missile would be delivered in the next six months, amid heightened tensions with NATO countries.

The despot boasted: “The missile can break through all modern anti-missile defences.

“There is nothing like this anywhere in the world, and won’t be for a long time.”

However the Russian president has been unable to shake whispers about his declining his health, leading to suggestions that he will soon be ousted.

And while loss of support for Mr Putin is likely to come too late to bring the Ukrainian war to a swift end, an official said there is growing talk about who will replace him.

According to Yahoo News an official said: “There is more chatter about his health, more speculation about succession,

“One of my contacts said to me President Putin did look tired and a bit old but he has dragged his country back 40 years in four months.”

Meanwhile, UK defence chiefs say Russian forces have suffered “extraordinary” losses in Ukraine.

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