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Ukraine unveils first-ever AI-generated spokesperson in ground-breaking first

Ukraine unveiled its latest addition to diplomatic communications: an AI-generated spokesperson named Victoria, set to deliver official statements on behalf of the country’s foreign ministry.

Victoria Shi, as introduced in a presentation shared on social media, dons a professional dark suit and presents herself as a “digital person.” Despite her AI-generated nature, the statements she delivers will still be meticulously crafted by human hands.

According to the foreign ministry’s press service, Victoria Shi’s statements will be authored and vetted by real individuals, with AI solely contributing to her visual presentation.

“It’s only the visual part that the AI helps us to generate,” Dmytro Kuleba, the Ukrainian foreign minister, said before adding that Victoria was a “technological leap that no diplomatic service in the world has yet made”.

The primary objective behind Victoria’s creation is to streamline diplomatic efforts, enabling diplomats to save valuable time and resources.

The masterminds behind Victoria’s development are a team known as the Game Changers, renowned for their work in virtual reality content related to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

Victoria’s name is derived from “victory” – reflecting the national spirit in the face of Russian invasion.

Her appearance and voice are modelled after Rosalie Nombre, a notable figure with a background in music and television, having been on Ukraine’s version of the reality show The Bachelor.

Notably, Nombre, a Donetsk native, volunteered her likeness for the project. Victoria Shi and Rosalie Nombre are distinct entities, with only the former authorized to issue official statements.

To ensure authenticity, each of Victoria’s statements will be accompanied by a QR code linking to text versions on the ministry’s website. This measure aims to combat misinformation and uphold transparency in official communications.

Victoria’s debut coincides with discussions on controversial Ukrainian consular services, particularly the recent suspension for men of fighting age living abroad.


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