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Ukraine President warns Russian 'enemy sabotage groups' have entered Kiev


Addressing the Ukraine public, Mr Zelenskyy requested the residents to comply with the curfew after the Russian military attacked his nation on three fronts. He further said that he would remain in the government district with everyone who is needed for the state to function.

Mr Zelenskyy said: “On the night of February 25, enemy sabotage groups entered the Ukrainian capital.

“We have information that enemy sabotage groups have entered Kiev.

“Therefore, I urge Kiev residents to be careful and follow the curfew rules.”

The President said that he is enemy No 1 for Russia and they are out to kill him as Ukraine’s head of state.

The tension between Ukraine and Russia escalated on Thursday when Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

According to the reports, Russia’s military attacked Ukraine from the north, south and east.

Mr Zelenkskyy declared martial law as Russia attacked the country’s military infrastructure.

Air-raid sirens went off in the capital Kiev and explosions were heard across Ukraine after which thousands of Kiev residents fled the city.

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The US sanctions will limit international trade with Moscow and penalise Putin’s inner circle.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced the “largest-ever” set of economic sanctions against Russia.

Speaking to parliament, Mr Johnson said the UK was sanctioning more than 100 individuals and entities and freezing assets of all major Russian banks.

Mr Johnson said: “Furthermore, we are also banning (Russian commercial airline) Aeroflot from the UK.”

Canada Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the country would sanction members of Russia’s elite and their families, the paramilitary Wagner Group, and major Russian banks.

Canada also cancelled existing export permits for Russia and would not issue new ones.

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