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Ukraine issues stark warning as Putin's forces take 'nine villages in two days'

Putin’s forces have taken nine villages in two days as the Ukraine warns of “around the clock” enemy fire.

Russian forces have blitzed north border of Kharkiv and captured another four villages after its defence ministry earlier said five villages had been seized by troops already.

The Russian ministry said its forces had “advanced deeply into the enemy defences” and taken villages including Gatishche, Krasnoye, Morokhovets and Oleinikovo in the country’s second biggest city.

Oleg Synegubov, the regional governor of Kharkiv, said that the situation is “difficult”.

He said: “All areas of the northern border are under enemy fire almost around the clock. The situation is difficult,” reports MailOnline.

He added: “The number of settlements where active hostilities are ongoing has increased.”

Four civilians had been killed in the attacks say local prosecutors.

Oleksiy Kharkivsky is a senior police officer from Vovchansk – another city in the area – who is helping to coordinate evacuations. He also said that the city is “constantly under fire”.

He added: “Everything in the city is being destroyed… You hear constant explosions, artillery, mortars. The enemy is hitting the city with everything they have.”

It is estimated that around 1,500 people had been evacuated or fled Vovchansk since Friday. It’s reported that there has been 32 drone strikes on the city over the past 24 hours. More than 4,000 people have been evacuated across the region of Kharkiv.

However Putin has been warned the considerable manpower shortages Russia is grappling with would make it impossible for him to deliver on his efforts to take nearby Kharkiv.

Despite the “significant tactical gains” Moscow secured in recent weeks, a Washington-based think tank Institute for the Study of War (ISW) noted Putin is unlikely to make any progress towards Kharkiv as he lacks the troops he needs to secure control.

Ukraine’s Main Military Intelligence Directorate estimates Moscow to have around 35,000 men stationed at the border of the Kharkiv region.

The Russian opposition earlier this year reported the Kremlin believes it would need approximately 300,000 troops to encircle Kharkiv.


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