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Ukraine 'destroys state-of-the-art £28m Russian fighter jet' in devastating drone attack

Ukraine has launched a series of daring drone attacks deep behind enemy lines, that have inflicted millions of pounds of damage on Putin’s army.

Russia has struggled to prevent Ukrainian drones from breaching its air defences throughout the war.

Ukrainian UAVs have in particular targeted oil refineries inside Russia, as Kyiv attempts to disrupt fuel supplies to Putin’s armies in Ukraine.

Now in a new bold move, Ukrainian drones attacked two military air bases deep inside Russia.

A state-of-the-art SU-57 fighter jet is believed to have been damaged beyond repair after drones bombed an army airfield in Akhtubinsk, located in Astrakhan province.

The city is almost 400 miles from Rostov-on-Don, headquarters of the Russia’s Southern Military District that is fighting in Ukraine.

A Russian military blogger “Flightbomber” appeared to confirm earlier reports from Ukraine’s military of the attack.

“Yesterday the airfield in Akhtubinsk was attacked by 3 UAVs.

“The Su-57 was damaged by shrapnel; it is now being determined whether it can be restored or not.

“If not, then this will be the first combat loss of the Su-57 in history.”

The SU-57 is the most modern fighter jet that Russia possesses and costs around £28m.

It is capable of firing the state-of-the-art KH-69 cruise missile that has a range of 400 km (250 miles).

Three more Ukrainian drones attacked the Mozdok military airfield in North Ossetia in another daring first.

The air base is home to one of Russia’s deadliest strike bombers, the Tu-22M3, as well as well as MiG 31-K fighter jets.

The TU-22M3s have been used to launch the deadly glide bombs that have caused havoc on Ukraine’s frontlines.

The attacks have exposed a major weakness in Russia’s air defence systems, according to a Ukrainian defence analyst.

Vadym Labas said: “The main thing about this attack is understanding that the airfields of the Russian Federation lack the necessary number of anti-aircraft systems.

“And, probably, there are no more shells, S-400 and other things.”


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