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UK weather: ‘Intense’ rain and thunder to sweep Britain for a WEEK from today as sunny weather ends with a bang


INTENSE rain and thunder is set to sweep Britain for a WEEK from today as the sunny weather dramatically ceases.

Up to one inch of rain and hail could hit the country today as the weather abruptly shifts into autumn.


Brits are set for a week of wind, rain and thunder as the autumn weather sets in[/caption]


‘Intense’ rain is expected to hit the nation from Monday[/caption]

A shift in the jet stream will bring downpours across the UK after a final weekend of warmth

Blustery conditions are set to batter the UK after a final weekend of warmth saw temperatures soar up to 25C.

Brits will start the week waking up to gloomy skies, wind and rain due to a shift in the position of the jet stream.

Met Office spokesperson Nicola Maxey said a cold front will bring “potentially heavy” downpours.

“Hail and thunder is also a risk to the North and West, so Monday heralds a real change to autumnal-style weather,” she added.

Motorists have been warned to take caution as showers and “cyclonic” conditions take hold, while temperatures drastically become “cooler”.

Sunny spells could break up the rain throughout this afternoon but wind moving in from the west again brings heavy downpours and thunder.

Up to 1.2 inches is expected to fall in the Lake District by tomorrow morning, while Wales and the South West of England could see just below one inch.

The Met Office has issued a yellow warning for rain across some parts of Scotland.

Predictions for the week ahead remain bleak, as “unsettled” conditions continue on Tuesday with hail and thunder after a largely dry start.

Clouds will move in as showers spread eastwards across the nation.

According to the Met’s long-range forecast, the “cyclonic pattern will likely last into October, bringing largely unsettled condition across the UK with a very general northwest to southeast split.”

Wednesday is set to be drier, with further brief spells of sunshine, but clouds still cover most of the sky.


Temperatures of 15C are forecast for London – but in another blow, meteorologists warned there will be “no more temperatures in the twenties” early next week.

From Thursday, another low-pressure system will start to move across the UK, bringing heavy rain and isolated thunderstorms for all, the Met Office said.

“This will bring organised bands of rain, heavy at times, interspersed with cooler and showery periods but some sunny spells too,” the forecaster said.

“Drier and more settled conditions are likely across southern and eastern parts of the country, but there is still a chance that bands of rain and strong winds from the north and west could extend into these areas.

“The temperatures are most likely to be slightly below average for this time of the year during the start of the period, but will gradually return to near average later.”

In a glimmer of hope for another burst of sunshine for Brits, the Met Office said mid-October could bring “a chance of settled conditions becoming more prevalent across most of the UK for a time”.

From October 10, forecasters said temperatures are more likely to be around or slightly above average.

A yellow warning for rain has been issued by the Met Office across parts of Scotland

Temperatures will also drastically become ‘cooler’ this week[/caption]

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