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UK weather forecast: Britain set for 90F Jubilee bank holiday SCORCHER – new heatwave hits


According to Netweather, the UK is set to see temperatures of 30C (86F) in the southeast and parts of the north on Friday, June 3. Meanwhile, London is set to see highs of 28C. In the far north, temperatures will reach 24C, while Scotland will see highs of 22C.

Weather forecaster Jim Dale told Express.co.uk that the UK could see “very warm”, dry and sunny weather over the Jubilee weekend, running from Thursday, June 2 to Sunday, June 5.

While Mr Dale warned that the weather leading up to the bank holiday will be “chequered”, with some rain and showers around, the forecaster said it will clear up by the time the Jubilee festivities get underway.

However, he warned that the country may also see some thunderstorms in the southeast towards the end of the weekend.

Mr Dale, senior meteorologist at British Weather Services, told Express.co.uk: “The run-up to it is chequered, it’s mixed, it’s not that warm.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s warm enough – I never complain at 17C, 18C, but it’s not 20Cs, so the road is chequered.

“There will be rain around and showers all the way through next week.

“Around May 30 we’re seeing high pressure coming in from the south east.

“It’s a good direction, a warming direction.

He added: “That initial preparation period, it’ll be fine enough.

“And the actual period from June 2 to June 4, it’s looking mostly dry.

“It does look dry, it does look warm, maybe it’ll be very warm.

“I see warm to very warm, I see a lot of dry sunny weather.

“But around the south coast, there may be some thundery activity as the weekend goes on.”

Meanwhile, the Met Office has said that the start of June will see “above average” temperatures.

Its long-range forecast said: “Drier further southwest with lighter winds.

“Most areas become mainly dry through the end of May.

“Into June, temperatures are likely to be above average across the south but closer to average further north.

“Toward mid-June it may turn less settled across the north of the UK, bringing rain or showers, while the south may remain largely fine.”

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