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UK weather: Brits set for sizzling Easter weekend as spring arrives with Saharan scorcher


A tropical breeze looks set to come up from the south and will gradually move in from Tuesday, where some people in the south east of the country may already see highs of 17C or 18C. The southern regions of the UK will all see double digits while northern areas such as Yorkshire and Scotland will remain in colder temperatures as the chillier air still pushes in from the north.

These chillier areas will still be experiencing a lot of cloud coverage and rainfall with temperatures between 6C and 8C.

According to BBC Meteorologist Louise Lear, the warm temperatures are “coming up from the Sahara”.

She added: “It’s going to be pushing its way steadily up north with the exception perhaps of the Northern isles”.

Ms Lear claimed these areas are expected to “remain in the cooler air the next few days”.

She continued: “It looks like Wednesday will be the warmest day of the week with 19C or 20C not out of the question and a great deal of dry weather as we head towards the Easter weekend.”

By Wednesday, the majority of northern regions are predicted by WXCHARTS to also see double digits between 13C and 15C.

Good Friday will see warm temperatures between 15C and 18C across the UK, followed by a mild night of average temperatures between 10C and 11C.

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It looks as though the warmer weather is set to continue and settle into fully-fledged spring as we move closer to the summer months.

Those with hay fever allergies have been warned of the high pollen count which is expected to come with the warmer temperatures.

British Weather Services meteorologist Jim Dale said: “It is fair to say that the week to come is not going to be a bad one.”

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