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UK weather: Britons expected to feel 'noticeable change' as arctic winds bring low degree


The Met Office posted their weather update on Twitter for Friday morning, warning of a cold start to the morning. Alyssa Smithmyer, a Meteorologist from AccuWeather told Express.co.uk Friday is expected to be partly sunny, despite the chilly temperatures.

Ms Smithmyer continued: “Looking further out, the temperatures across the United Kingdom are forecast to fall closer to average and perhaps slightly below average over the next couple of weeks.”

“For the remainder of November, average high temperatures in London range roughly between 47-49F (8-9C).

She added: “Temperatures this previous week have actually been on average five degrees Fahrenheit above normal.

“So even if temperatures in the coming weeks fall closer to normal, or even a few degrees below normal, it will be a noticeable change.”

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A complex chain of events triggered by unusually strong rainfall over the Indian Ocean will jolt the jet stream in the UK triggering the cold snap, meteorologists warn.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin said: “There may be some snow in places next week.

“Enhanced rainfall over the Indian Ocean has the potential to impact on the jet stream which is meandering above the Himalayas.

“This could force the jet stream further south bringing cold air southwards and a meeting relatively warm system across the western Pacific.”

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