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UK vindicated: Major US trial shows NO health concerns for AstraZeneca vaccines


New data, from more than 32,000 volunteers in America, Chile and Peru, has shown there are no safety issues with the jab – including with regards to blood clots. It is hoped the new evidence, carried out independently from the UK, will reassure EU member states who banned the AstraZeneca jab over fears the shot caused blood clots. Europe’s medicines regulator last week urged the bloc to use the jab, after evidence showed it was safe and effective.

The new data from the US showed the vaccine was 79 percent effective against stopping symptomatic Covid disease and 100 percent effective at preventing people from falling seriously ill.

It also showed there were no safety issues regarding blood clots.

The trial also found there was no drop in protection for people over-65, something several EU states had feared when the jab was first rolled out.

The data from the US is hoped to clear the way for the AstraZeneca vaccine to be approved by regulators there soon.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has yet to approve the jab for use in the US.

Several EU countries have been wary of using the AstraZeneca vaccine ever since it was first approved at the beginning of the year.

Some states, including France and Germany, aired concerns over the jab’s effectiveness for adults over 65 and banned its use for that age category.

However, as new data disproved this theory, EU members u-turned and allowed over-65s to receive the jab.

But AstraZeneca returned to the firing line this month, after several cases of blood clots were reported after a patient received the jab.

Over a dozen EU states banned the vaccine while this was investigated.

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) carried out a swift review of the data, and urged states to continue using the jab.

They said there was “no indication” the vaccine causes blood clots and said the shot is “safe and effective”.



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