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UK spies told to check ‘white privilege’ and use gender-neutral words


MI5 and MI6 officers will gain new guidance on improving diversity and inclusion in the security services as Europe faces the worst crisis since the Second World War after Russia unleashed an attack on Ukraine on Thursday night. The leaked guide called Mission Critical says new rules around diversity and inclusion are vital to keep the nation safe.

Spies are advised not to use words including “strong” and “grip” because they can “reinforce dominant cultural patterns”.

Sir Stephen Lovegrove wrote: ”This toolkit is called Mission Critical because a diverse and inclusive culture is critical to succeeding in our national security missions.”

In a section on inclusive language, it says: “In national security, look out for words and phrases, such as ‘strong’ or ‘grip’, that reinforce the dominant cultural patterns.


“Avoid jargon, hierarchy or gender biases.

“Use gender-neutral language to reflect people’s diversity and reduce stereotypes and assumptions, for example about job roles and functions which need not be gender-defined.”

The document also urges spooks to declare their pronouns.

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They told Mail Online: “There will be times where our security services have to kill the enemies who wish us ill.

“A culture where ‘manpower’ is offensive and where pronouns and ‘privilege’ are promulgated is far removed from the deadly decisions spooks often need to take.”

Diversity and inclusion guidance will now be embedded in mainstream core training and leadership modules.

A Whitehall spokesman said of the guidance: “They are fundamental to the national security of the UK.

“That includes having people from different backgrounds, perspectives and ways of thinking.”

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