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UK snow forecast: Britain facing snow bomb and bone-chilling -4C blast as maps turn white


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While parts of the UK have enjoyed milder temperatures this week raising hopes that spring could finally be on its way, Britain looks set to be plunged back into winter as temperatures drop below freezing and snow covers parts of the country. An icy blast due to hit the country next Sunday (20 March) could send the mercury plummeting to – 4C in parts of the UK including North Wales and the Scottish Highlands, while much of England could see sub-zero temperatures lasting into the following week.

The west of the UK including south and north west Wales and north west Scotland will feel the worst of the bone-chilling blasts, with temperatures plummeting to as low as -4C on Saturday night and staying below zero into Sunday.

Most of the rest of the UK will drop below freezing on Sunday and stay there into the following week, with temperatures struggling to climb above a chilly 2C until Wednesday.

The icy blast will likely bring snowfall across Britain, with up to 7cm forecast for parts of Scotland and the North Pennines.

Manchester, the Yorkshire Dales and some areas in the north of Scotland could see between 4cm – 7cm snowfall overnight on Sunday which may persist throughout Monday 23, blanketing higher areas in particular.

The snow is forecast to intensify into Tuesday 22 February, with heavy snowfall of up to 6cm predicted in parts of north eastern Scotland around Inverness, Aberdeen and the Cairngorms National Park.

Edinburgh, Manchester and parts of north Wales could also wake up to as much as 3cm of snow on Tuesday morning, while the south and east of England remains largely unaffected.

UK snow map

The cold snap looks set to close in on the UK next weekend bringing freezing temperatures and snow. (Image: Getty/WXCharts)

Snowy road in Cumbria

Parts of Scotland, Wales and the north of England could see up to 7cm of snow. (Image: GETTY)

The snow forecast comes as Britons prepare for yet more unpredictable weather conditions this coming weekend, with parts of the UK due to be battered by gale-force winds and heavy rain.

Yellow warnings for strong winds have been issued for Wales, South West England, Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland for Saturday and Sunday, with the Met Office warning gales could reach up to 65mph.

The Met Office warned that the violent winds could cause disruption to travel and power cuts across the UK as severe gales from the Irish sea close in on the UK’s west coast on Saturday.

The warning for Northern Ireland and parts of Scotland issued on Friday morning said severe gales would move northwards across the region into Sunday.

It said: “A swathe of strong winds are likely to track up the Irish Sea through Sunday. Winds may reach 50-60 mph along mainly coastal districts, with the core of the stronger winds tracking northwards through Sunday over the region.

“A small chance of winds exceeding this, possibly reaching severe gales along more exposed coastal regions with winds reaching 65 mph. This may lead to some poor coastal conditions and transport disruption.”

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snow map UK

Parts of England could see up to 7cm of snow on Tuesday before it moves northwards into Scotland. (Image: WXCharts)

Weather map showing wind hitting west of UK

The snow warning comes after the Met Office forecast strong winds for parts of the UK this weekend. (Image: WXCharts)

Yellow warnings were also issued on Friday for south west England and Wales as the Met Office predicted coastal gales and heavy rain would hammer areas on Saturday afternoon, bringing winds of up to 65 mph to some areas.

The Met Office said Cardiff, Swansea and Bridgend in Wales and Cornwall, Plymouth and Somerset in south west England could all be hit by the disruption.

One warning for Wales and Cornwall said: “A swathe of strong winds are expected across parts of Cornwall and west Wales during Sunday. Southerly winds may reach 50-60 mph along mainly coastal districts, before clearing northwards later Sunday.

“There is a small chance that a few places across west Cornwall and Pembrokeshire could see isolated gusts to 65 mph across the most exposed locations. This may lead to some poor coastal conditions and transport disruption.”

A red weather alert for flooding has also been issued in the UK on the North Sea coast of Bridlington, with flooding possible over the weekend as a result of strong winds.

While some areas in the south and east of Britain have enjoyed milder temperatures and patches of sunshine this week, BBC forecasters warned Britons had another tumultuous weekend ahead of them.

Speaking on the morning of Friday 11 March, BBC weather forecaster Tomasz Schafernaker said the outlook for the weekend was a “mixed bag” as a weather front approaches the UK.

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Women in the snow with an umbrella

The freezing temperatures and snow are predicted to hit the UK next Sunday. (Image: GETTY)

He said: “The last couple of days the weather really has been quite good, beautiful sunny skies for some of us across eastern parts of the UK but things are probably going to turn now.

Schafernaker noted the front would bring heavy rain and gales to parts of the UK, although temperatures would stay fairly mild.

“In the South West as this low pressure increases you can see strong winds blowing around and we could be talking about gusts of 60mph, maybe even 70mph around the Isle of Scilly and the top of Cornwall, so really very blustery and even stormy for a time.”

He added: “Now Saturday we see another area of low pressure with new fronts approaching us and this again spells heavy rain initially for western parts of the UK.”

However, forecasters have raised hopes that Britons could get some respite in the coming week before temperatures plunge once more next weekend.

The BBC said temperatures are expected to rise to as high as 18C next week in some areas, including the south west of the UK, bringing a brief taste of spring before the UK is plunged back into winter the following weekend.

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