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UK snow: Commuters hit with snow and ice warnings as mercury dips to as low as -7C


The UK will wake up to two Met Office weather warnings as conditions take a cold turn as we near the weekend. The Met Office weather warnings, which were issued last night, will remain in place between 9am and 9.30am.

The double-whammy snow and ice warning, which has affected most of Scotland and the north of England, said there was an “increased chance of accidents and injuries” due to icy patches on the roads.

The Met Office added: “Further areas of rain, sleet and hail, with snow mainly at elevations above around 200-300 metres, are likely to affect many areas this evening.

“These will be heavy in places, perhaps bringing 2-5 cm of snow to some of the higher routes across the Pennines and Scotland.

“Beyond midnight, showers will become less widespread and will fall increasingly as rain or sleet away from some higher routes and parts of northern Scotland.

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“However as temperatures fall, icy stretches are possible more widely, especially on untreated surfaces.”

Across the Irish Sea, much of Ulster has been warned it faces a yellow ice warning.

Northern Irish commuters have been told “some icy patches could occur on untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths, perhaps leading to injuries or accidents”.

In their summary of the conditions, the Met Office said: “Overnight showers will mostly turn to rain, but still with some sleet or snow showers on higher ground, mainly limited to the highest routes by late evening.

Temperatures are expected to hover around 0C in Northern Ireland.

Early morning temperatures in England and Wales appear to be much milder, with lows of 0C but highs of 4C.

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