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UK nature map: Where you can go in the UK to see red squirrels, whales and even sharks


The British Isles are home to thousands of different animal species, but some are inevitably harder to find than others. While the country is mostly known for its hedgehogs, foxes, badgers and vast array of wild birds, tourists can also see sharks, whales and otters in the island’s waters. And despite almost being wiped out completely in the Victorian era, red squirrels still exist in various parts of the UK.

A map devised by the team at Lease Car UK shows spots in the UK where some of the most uncommon species can be seen first hand.

If you’re lucky enough and travel at just the right time, you could even spot sharks, humpback and killer whales.

While travel looks to be largely off the cards this year, many will likely swap a flight for a road trip right here.

Not only will you be injecting cash into a flailing domestic travel economy, it’ll give you the chance to really explore the islands you call home.

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These sharks are a sight to behold as they can grow to between 20 and 26ft in length and live for a staggering 50 years.

Basking sharks can be found all over the world, and luckily for Brits, the UK is one of their favoured spots to pass the time.

To see basking sharks in the UK, head to:

  • The Coast of Cornwall
  • Scotland, Hebrides
  • Dorset, Lyme Bay
  • Isle of Man’s southern coastline
  • Wales, Cardigan Bay


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